The study of Celtic Christianity is one of the core educational elements of St. Ita’s School of Theology and the various academic programs offered. This is a degree program in the history of the development of Christianity and spirituality among the Celtic tribes of the British Isles, Ireland, and Gaul. It focuses on the ancient Celtic beliefs at the arrival of the Christian mission, and the resulting spirituality that flourished thereafter. The curriculum will look at the lives, writings, and teachings of many Celtic saints, with specific concern for the unique nature of Celtic Spirituality. 

Program Objectives 

This degree program aims to help the student become better acquainted with the traditions and practices of the ancient Celtic Catholic Church with the hope that such awareness will offer the student the ability and foster the desire to start and/or integrate those traditions and practices in his or her own ministry within the context of the 21st century. In order to achieve this goal, the student will be guided through various books of both of antiquity and a more modern origin. 


Student Expectations 

For each Course Number the student will be required to do the following: 

1. Read the literature and other media required (some in-depth; some perusal 

2. Consult with their mentor regarding the subject matter. 

3. Write an integrative paper of approximately 5 pages [double-spaced] for all the required readings for the entire subject including: 


•    Demonstration of the subject to indicate comprehension of the material. 
•    Include a reflection as to how this subject may relate to the religious life and your future Ministry. 


4. Students will keep a journal in which to record notes, meditations, impressions, and ministerial applications of Celtic Christian practices and principles developed or utilized within their day to day lives for the duration of the program. Students will be expected to fill one page of their journal every day while enrolled in the program. 

**NOTE:  All italicized readings are for additional learning, not required. 

**Glossary of course lettering for this program: 


Apologetics [A] 

Biblical Studies [B] 

Chaplaincy [C] 

Celtic Christianity [CC] 

Celtic Cultural Studies [CCS] 

Celtic Spirituality [CS] 

Ecclesiology and Catholicism [EC] 

Ministry and Mission [MM] 

Pastoral Care and Counseling [PCC] 

Practicum Diaconate [PD] 

Sacramental Theology and Liturgy [STL] 

Theology [TH] 


Study texts required at ALL levels the following:

1. The Holy Bible (student choice as to version)

2. The Book of Eucharist, by Rev. Fr. Sean A. Lotz, STL., D.D., published by the Celtic Catholic Church, Lorica Books, 2015. [As referred to in the canons of the Celtic Catholic Church, Title II, Canon 3, section 2(b).]

3. The Service For Holy Eucharist of the Celtic Catholic Church USA, by Bp. Rafael Arellano-Barrera, Mdiv., ed., request a free copy via e-mail: Bishop Jack Cunningham, 

4. CCC USA website free downloads

5. Catechism (student choice) for reference

Degree Program Courses and Required Texts 

B 100 – “How to Read the Bible like a Seminary Professor: A Practical and Entertaining Exploration of the World's Most Famous Book.” by Mark Yarbrough (corresponding video course at Dallas Theological Seminary [free]) *student gets credit for online course, or reading the book and writing a paper on it* 

The Holy Bible (OT, NT, and Apocrypha). Any other Biblical study aids. 
Harry Emerson Fosdick, Modern Use of the Bible 


CCS 101 - “The Celts and Christianity” by Morgan O'Maolain 
“Where Three Streams Meet: Celtic Spirituality” by Sean O’Duinn 

“Dictionary of Celtic Mythology” by James MacKillop 
“Dictionary of Celtic Mythology” (Oxford Paperback Reference) by Peter Berresford Ellis 
“Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe: Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions” by H R Ellis Davidson 
“The Apple Branch: A Path to Celtic Ritual” by Alexei Kondratiev 
“Death, War, and Sacrifice: Studies in Ideology & Practice” by Bruce Lincoln 



CC 101 – “Celtic Christianity” by Timothy J. Joyce 

“Highland Cathedral: Celtic Christianity V.2” by + Thomas Faulkenbury 
CS 102 – “Listening for the Heartbeat of God” by J. Philip Newell 
CS 103 – “The Celtic Way of Prayer” OR “Every Earthly Blessing” both by Esther de Waal 

A Celtic Primer: The Complete Celtic Worship Resource and Collection by Brendan O’Malley 


EC 101 - CCCUSA Website: – “Our Beliefs”, “Celtic Christian Distinctives”, and “Independent Sacramental Church.” 


TH 101 – “The Life and Teachings of St. Morgan of Wales (Pelagius)” by +Thomas Faulkenbury [essay - CCCUSA Scriptorium] 
TH 102- “And God Said It Was Good (
Eurigena)” by +Thomas Faulkenbury [essay- CCCUSA Scriptorium] 
TH: 103 - “Universalism in the Christian and Celtic Traditions.” By +Thomas Faulkenbury [essay-
CCCUSA Scriptorium] 


PC 100 - “The Celtic Soul Friend” by Edward C. Sellner 

MM 100 - “The Pastor's Primer” by O.S. Hawkins 



B 202 - Introducing the Bible by William Barclay 

The Holy Bible (OT, NT, and Apocrypha). Any other Biblical study aids. 

Harry Emerson Fosdick, Modern Use of the Bible 


CCS 201 - Celtic Spirituality from the Druids to the Saints and Beyond (articles from 

The Celts and Christianity by Morgan O'Maolain 

The Metaphysic of the Cultural Tradition by Iain Mac an tSaoir 

Why Wicca Is Not Celtic v.3.2 by Iain Mac an tSaoir and Dawn O'Laoghaire 


Required Texts: 

A Brief History of the Druids by Peter Berresford Ellis 

Celtic Inheritance by Peter Berresford Ellis 

Twilight of the Celtic Gods by David Clarke and Andy Roberts 

Where Three Streams Meet: Celtic Spirituality by Sean O’Duinn 

Dictionary of Celtic Mythology by James MacKillop 
Dictionary of Celtic Mythology (Oxford Paperback Reference) by Peter Berresford Ellis 
Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe: Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions by H R Ellis Davidson 
The Apple Branch: A Path to Celtic Ritual by Alexei Kondratiev 
Death, War, and Sacrifice: Studies in Ideology & Practice by Bruce Lincoln 


CH 201 - Christianity: Essence, History, and Future by Hans Kung 

 The Catholic Church (A Short History) by Hans Kung 



D 201 - Creative Ministry by Henri Nouwen 

D 202 - Wiersma and Van Dyke, The Deacon’s Handbook

[*only for those who seek to be Permanent Deacons] 


EC 201 - What Makes Us Catholic by Thomas H. Groome  

                 Catholicism by Bishop Robert Barron 

              U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults 

              The Portable Seminary by David Horton 


H 202 - A Guide to Preaching and Leading Worship by William H. Willimon 

           How To Prepare Sermons by William Evans [or similar approved book] 


MM 201 - The Joy of the Gospel by Pope Francis 

MM 202 - Celtic Christian Communities by Ian Bradley 

Robert N. Gray, Managing the Church [or other books on church planting]   

PC 202 - The Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen 

PC 203 - Christian Caregiving a Way of Life by Kenneth C. Haugk 

On Death and Dying by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 

Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore 

TH 201 - Theology for Beginners by J. Sheed 




Practicum – Diaconate level    [PD] 


PD 201 – Practicum: Diaconate – A one - two month [4 site visits] supervised Practicum setting, concurrent with studies, to be approved by the Dean and/or Council. The Practicum must include assisting in some form of Liturgy and Mass (if possible, to be arranged). Additional examples include  Volunteering at Soup Kitchens; Parish; Hospital; Senior Facilities; Homeless, etc. The Seminar portion will be a Praxis-based, integrative study and written report. 


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