Intercommunions and Friendships with the CCCUSA

In the religious life, often Church and Religious Orders who share beliefs, practices and affinities with each other choose to enter into Concordates of Intercommunion with one another.  These are formal relations of mutually signed documents between groups to 'seal' their relationship in the form of covenant.  We are in the process of engaging in such Concordates of Intercommunion and of also listing our good Friends and Colleagues as they continue to grow.  Here are some of our closest friends in Christ:


Concordats of Intercommunion

Concordat of Intercommunion of the Celtic Catholic Church USA

With the Ancient Celtic Church, Germany, Signed, January 2016

       +Bishop Mar Gottfield; +Bishop Mar Christian Lustinetz



Ecumenical Friends - Churches and Religious Orders


The Anam Cara Episcopate of St. James and St. Mary of The Celtic Catholic Church of the Americas, USA - +Bishop Liam Flint

The Celtic Christian Church, PA, USA - +Bishop Katherine Kurtz

The Celtic Catholic Church, CA, USA - +Bishop John Harrell

Christ Catholic Church, NY, USA - +Bishop Reg Richburg

The Eastern Apostolic Church, NB, USA - +Bishop Mar Melchizedek

The American New Catholic Church, FL, USA - +Bishop John Joseph Reid

Abbey of the Arts (Monastic community) - Christine Valters Paintner, Ph.D., REACE, OblSB

United Conference of Apostolic Sacramental Bishops


Churches and Friends in Common Cause

The Franciscan Action Network

The Franciscan Center, Tampa, FL USA


RC Woman Priest Movement


Interfaith Groups

The Center for Religious Tolerance