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Our parishes and ministries are spread-out over the country, and may not be directly within your geographical area.  We are working to create a ‘Church of the Larger Community’ for the Celtic Catholic Church USA, and this is our first step in inviting you to join with us!  If you have enjoyed reading our website, identify with our beliefs and our Celtic Catholic ways of life, then you are encouraged to become a Member of the CCC USA!



     1. General Membership:  If you want to become a member of the Celtic Catholic Church USA and help support our ministries and become involved in a beautiful tradition and way of life, then please go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and write your intentions of membership, including your e-mail address.  A 'welcome' letter and the Application for Membership will be sent to you.  You can enjoy our Website and Facebook Page (Celtic Catholic Church USA) for daily inspirations and dialogue. We look forward to hearing from you!

2.  Creating a Celtic Group:  Most of our Clergy and Chaplains serve in specific ministries, and do not have parishes (except for our 'Mother' parish in Washington State).  The Celtic Model of Community is based around interested individuals who want to create community where they live and have their lives.  We strongly encourage people - with our guidance - to create small, Celtic Ecumenical Groups (from 3 to 12 or so members) so that you can 'plant' a community.  This need not be a daunting task, but rather, can take many simple forms, including:

        Starting a book club based on Celtic Spirituality literature

        Starting a Bible Study group or Celtic Spirituality group

        Starting a Celtic group combining learning, spiritual formation and service

   There are many avenues open to you if you are interested in creating a Celtic Group near you.  Our leaders will mentor you through the process and help you in any ways necessary! 

COMMISSIONED APOSOLATE MINISTER (CAM) - If you find yourself 'called' to serve your community group in a more structured and affiliated way, then we suggest you inquire into becoming a Comissioned Apostlate Minister (CAM) within the CCCUSA.  This is a special ministry, comissioned by our Bishops, for a person to study (short and free program) and be cleared for full affiliation with our church as a special Lay Minister (in church 'lingo' this would be the Sub-Deacon level, but with more opportunities to serve).  If you are interested in becoming a Comissioned Apostolate Minister, please write us in the 'contact us' section and express your interests there.  We will get back to you with all the information you need to begin your new journey in a religious and spiritual way of life of service and community.


RELIGIOUS ORDERS:  If you have an interest in exploring the Order of Saint Michael (OSM), or the Celtic Companions of Christ (CCC) then please go to the Contact Us’ page and write your intentions for which Religious Order in the ‘message’ section to receive in the mail both Background Check and Confidentiality Statement.  Once you have been approved we will send you via e-mail the Application for Holy and Religious Orders.


HOLY ORDERS AND VOCATIONS:  If you feel you may have a ‘calling’ for a vocation as a Deacon or Priest, then please go to the Contact Us’ page and write your intentions in the ‘message’ section to receive a mailing of the Background Check and Confidentiality Statement. Once you have been approved we will send you via e-mail the Application for Holy and Religious Orders.



We are dispersed throughout the country, serving Parishes, Chaplaincies for First Responders, Hospice, Multicultural and Educational Outreach, Correctional Facilities, Religious Orders, and more.  If you would like to make a donation so that we may continue to serve others on a mostly volunteer level please click the 'Donate' button and send your tax-deductible contribution (coming soon).

Thank you so very much and many blessings to you!