Licentiate of Sacred Theology (STL)  


Applicants with prior religious service and/or who have served in any clergy position, paid or volunteer, for any Christian denomination(s) may apply for consideration as a student/seminarian for the STL degree
for ordination into the priesthood of the Celtic Catholic Church USA.

The STL is a religious degree that is conferred upon applicants seeking the position of priest. All applicants should confer with a Bishop of the Celtic Catholic Church USA to determine their individual eligibility (also see additional requirements below).

Bishop(s) will serve as Academic Advisor/Mentor/Soul Friend and will consult with the student to assign placement and advanced standing for consideration of the STL and finally ordination. 
Note: some courses or classes may be required of applicants in order to provide a background in and a study of the Celtic Christian Faith and the Celtic Catholic Church.    


General Requirements for the STL may include some or all of the following:

1. A Bachelor degree in any religious subject(s), or equal subject(s), or strong equivalent degree as approved by the bishop(s) of the CCC USA.

2. Prior service, volunteer or paid employment, as a deacon, priest, minister, or any other title used to describe a clergy member of any Christian community. The Celtic Catholic Church (CCC USA) does not discriminate and will consider any clergy from any religious church, group or background as an applicant for the priesthood.

3. An assigned thesis may be required of applicants for the STL degree.

4. STL students/seminarians must complete the required standard criminal and sex offender background check and be voted upon and approved by the congregations of the CCC USA for consideration of the priesthood prior to application or completion of all requirements and the awarding of the STL.  

5. STL seminarians/students must file the standard CCC USA Application Forms and the St. Ita Seminary Application Form and attach photocopies of any degrees, classwork, any certificates, awards, and any other documentation or attachments they determine will assist the bishop(s) in consideration of their application and also any forms as may be normally required by applicants to the Seminary along with the associated seminary application offering or donations.

No donations, offerings, fees or costs are required for classes or coursework or for completion of the award of the STL degree. The STL is a degree awarded only upon completion of all of the requirements agreed upon by both the student applicant and the bishop(s) and upon the final approval and recommendation of the bishops of the Celtic Catholic Church USA to the Dean and the board of St. Ita's Seminary.