Saint Ita's Seminary

Programs of Study for Holy Orders

     St. Ita's is our Theological School for the training of our Clergy and Formation of our members in Religious Orders.

     We also offer to the public the chance to take courses for a variety of reasons: Study towards a degree in another institution (with approved Independent Study of your Institution); the acquiring of a Certificate of Completion for your professional work; or simply for your own personal growth in knowledge and spirituality. 

    Whatever one's needs may be, we at St. Ita's hope we may be able to help you achieve your goals.


     St. Ita is regarded in Ireland as the 'Foster mother' of many Saints.  She created a special school and children's residence for many of Ireland's future great saints, including St. Brendan the Navigator, and took in many others who went on to become scholars and monastic leaders.  We wanted to honor her legacy as an inspiring educator and Saint.


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