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Welcome to St. Ita’s!  In this section, we are providing some foundational information regarding your Levels of Study at St. Ita’s School of Theology. Below you will find information on Transfer Courses and Life Experience, Suggested offerings/donations for each Module of Learning, and our Catalogue listing of Courses of Study.



St. Ita’s and The Celtic Educational Model


St. Ita’s follows in a long history, dating back to the earliest days of the Celtic Monastic Schools and European early schools, of engaging students to read and study their materials and then to share with a Mentor on many levels.  The first level is the reading and writing portion, to allow your Mentor to see that you have a basic command of the readings before you.  In addition, the Celtic Model of the ‘Anam Cara’, or ‘Soul Friend’ is brought in.  This is a very important aspect of education, as your Mentor, unlike contemporary educational models – is not above the student in a stated sense, but rather is someone with knowledge and wisdom who helps to ‘guide’ the student and share their learning journey, without the anxiety of multiple grades.


Our Mentors only issue a ‘Pass’ for each course and are very invested that the student understands their material and can pass their course before moving on.  We have no philosophy which says ‘only the strong survive’, like in modern academia, nor would we ever have an interest in failing a student, and would rather have a student repeat a course rather than fail.  For some students, however, who may need a ‘grade’ or ‘pass/fail’ for other purposes – such as possible credits or CEU credits, then we can arrange for such an assessment.


 Equal Opportunity Statement  {*}


St. Ita’s School of Theology holds to the premise and belief that all applicants, students, professors, instructors and staff are equal in every way and in keeping with the Holy Scriptures, the Celtic Catholic Christian beliefs and traditions, and God-given reason, that in Christ Jesus we are neither Greek, nor Jew, of one skin color or another, nor male or female, nor of any age difference, or economic status. We fully believe that all of God's children inherit both the responsibility as well as the right to respond to God's call to seek an education, improve themselves by learning, and to seek a position in God's Church when called by God to serve in that position or employment.   


{*} "Applicants to the CCC USA, including volunteers, Commissioned Apostolate Ministers, St. Ita’s enrolled Module students and those seeking any of our Holy or Religious Orders, will be required to complete a Criminal Background and Sex Offender Register Consumer Report check for a legitimate Church business need as provided under applicable Federal, State, local laws and/or the Fair Credit Reporting Act. For those who have already applied for Holy Orders or Vocations with the CCC USA your very first step would have been the Background Check, so that is your level of clearance for studies at St. Ita’s. This is to assure the highest ethical standards set by the CCCUSA for anyone engaged in Lay or Ordained Ministry with our Church.


Transfer Courses and Credits for Life Experience

We have students who come to St. Ita’s with previous studies/courses/degrees and life experiences, and their transcripts and listings of appropriate experiences will be greatly taken into consideration.  Each person is unique in her or his backgrounds, and the student may be assured that any and all relevant backgrounds will be reviewed and rewarded towards their desired Module Level(s) of study.


St. Ita’s School of Theology is part of the Celtic Catholic Church USA--a 501-c3 religious and educational institution.  All levels of study and Certificates, while not carrying academic nor CEU credits, are rather the standard of study for our Church, and also for many Independent Catholic Churches, with specific overview and permission of one’s Bishop.  Our Certificates of Completion and Degrees may also be of great value to our students on their Curriculum Vitae for other placements in religious/spiritual, and possible secular vocations.


The Learning Process for Students

When a student applies to St. Ita's they will also choose their 'Seminary Advisor' or be assigned one.  This person will accompany the student in all the phases of their studies and progressions through the various Modules and levels of training.  Each level of study will hopefully find the student and their Course Mentor engaging in the course materials, and their Seminary Advisor helping them with the larger picture of their entire Program.  The Practicum/Seminar and Integrative Thesis for both the Diaconate and Presbyter levels will be supervised by the Bishop and/or Priest Seminary Advisor/Mentor and the Dean. This level is very engaged to ensure the Candidate really does well in their chosen placements.


How the Process Works – from Studies to Ordinations

All formal studies at St. Ita’s must first be approved by the Bishop’s and Pastoral Council when the Applicant must first complete the Application for Holy Orders and Vocations (please see the website section to download that Application). At the completion of each Module, the Board of Directors of St. Ita’s will award the student with both a digital and hard copy of their Certificate of Completion or Degree in each respective level of studies.  The Certificate and Degree descriptions are as follows:


MODULE ONE – Associates in Celtic Christianity


MODULE TWO – Bachelors in Divinity (B. Div) – Diaconal Level


MODULE THREE –Licentiate of Sacred Theology (STL) – Presbyter Level


The Ordination Process


 There are two levels of Holy Orders conferred by the Celtic Catholic Church USA, each requiring that a student:

1. Be first approved for Ordination (or Episcopal Commission) by the Ordination Council comprised of the Bishops and Pastoral Council of the CCC USA. 


2. Earn and be awarded the Degree commensurate to the level they are seeking, but all beginning with Module One through their respective level (unless they have received advanced credit through study/life experience).


3.  Once the individual is approved by the Ordination Council she or he may then make arrangements for Ordination (or Commission) with their Bishop.  Once ordained they will receive either a Certificate of Ordination to Holy Orders - Diaconate, or Presbyter, (both digital and hard-copy) by the CCC USA.


Student Application Form  - Information


Since you must first be approved for future Commission and/or Holy Orders and Vocations by the Pastoral Council of the CCC USA, you will have already submitted your complete Application Package to Bishop +Jack Cunningham of the CCC USA.  After approval, a copy of that complete package will be forwarded to Dean Dr. Christine Stephens and this copy will also constitute your Application Package for St. Ita’s School of Theology. 


Given this process, if you know you are seeking Transfer Credits and/or Life Experience please provide to the Bishop (in your Application for Holy Orders/Vocations) or to the Dean an extra copy of all your (unofficial copy) transcripts, resume’, life experiences—in essence, all documents which will provide the Dean with information for evaluation, assessment, and advanced credit.


You may mail all your additional supporting documents either by mail or e-mail to:


CCC USA c/o Bishop, +Jack Cunningham,

13023 NE Highway 99, Bldg. 7, Suite 429, Vancouver, WA 98686



Application offerings/donations. Please see the suggestions below.



Thank you so much for your interest in studying at St. Ita’s and we wish you well on your journey!





Donations Accepted

St. Ita’s School of Theology has been established with the mature student in mind, one who has discerned a calling to serve God, Church, and Community at various levels.  It is the goal of St. Ita’s to make this learning experience as inexpensive as possible.  All the required texts for each course may be purchased – new or used - through venues (Amazon, Half Price Books, etc.), and notebooks and the Spiritual Formation Journal need not be elaborate.


Students at St. Ita Seminary who have been accepted for Holy Orders as a Deacon/Deaconess, Missionary, Priest/Chaplain, or Priest in the Celtic Catholic Church may apply for Seminary classes and courses toward attaining a certificate or degree and upon approval may attend at no cost.

Please Note: All Miscellaneous class or course student expenses such as, but not limited to, pencils, paper, text books, as well as computer and other electronic devices are paid for by the student. 


NOTE: Students who are NOT applicants for Holy Orders with the CCC, or are from other Christian Churches or religious groups, as well as the general public who may be interested in Celtic studies at St. Ita Seminary School of Theology may apply for classes, courses, programs or degrees and will be advised of the suggested offering/donation for the various studies. 


In order to provide qualified Deacons and Priests and to assist our Church Seminary in its mission and to keep the cost of classes, programs, degrees and related expenses for those applying for Holy Orders and those outside the Church. St. Ita Seminary School of Theology welcomes offerings and tax deductible donations.


You may wish to sponsor and support a Priest or a Deacon in their studies, if so, Please see the suggested donation/offering amounts below:


Application Evaluation (Basic - Covers all Modules) - Suggested offering/donation: $25.00 US

Placement Evaluation (based on complexity & verification) - Suggested offering/donation: $25.00 US

Module (Diaconate; AA Religion) Suggested offering/donation: $100 US (each module) 

BA (Religion): Suggested donation/offering - $100 US  


BS (Religion): Suggested offering/donation - $200 US


Masters Degree (Religion): Suggested offering/donation - $300 US


PhD (Religion): Suggested donation/offering - $400  US

 *After full completion of Module Two the student will be awarded a Diploma of Ministry in Diaconal Studies.  After this, a candidate seeking Ordination to the Diaconate must contact their Bishop/Pastoral Council for approval and arrangements for Holy Orders.  After the Ordination service, they will receive the Certificate of Ordination to the Diaconate from the CCCSA and the Ordaining Body.


*After full completion of Module Four the student will be awarded the Licentiate of Sacred Theology (STL). After this, a candidate seeking Ordination to the Priesthood must contact their Bishops and Pastoral Council for approval and arrangements for Holy Orders. After the Ordination Service they will receive the  Certificate of Ordination to the Presbyter from the CCCUSA and the Ordaining Body.


Method of Donation Payments


Upon acceptance of the Student Application Form and approval by the office of the Dean, the student is assigned to a course of study applied for and/or qualified for in the Module Level applicable, the student may submit one-third of the suggested donation amount for the Module and Certificate/Degree. If one-third of the tuition amount is not possible up-front, we will work with the student for other arrangements.


After the donation of the initial amount for the Module Level applied and approved for, students may request a monthly or other donation procedure which may be approved and authorized by the Dean and the Provost.  When all donations and studies are completed for each Module Level, the student will be awarded their Certificate/Degree.  Unfortunately, given the work involved with mentoring each student, should the student decide to withdraw from their program at any time, there can be no refund of donations prior to that point.


Since St. Ita’s is a division of the Celtic Catholic Church USA and is a registered non-profit organization, all donations towards one’s education may also be claimed and considered ‘Non-Profit Donations’ to a Church under the codes of Donations by the IRS.  We are pleased that your education with St. Ita’s may also be a tax deduction for each student – one of the many blessings of studying at St. Ita’s School of Theology.


Our Suggested Donations for each Module level may at this time be sent in the form of a check or money order, payable to: CCC USA, and on the memo line please write ‘St. Ita’s School of Theology’. All Donations and Offerings may be made directly to St. Ita Seminary at:



St. Ita Seminary School of Theology/CCC

13023 NE Hwy. 99, Bldg. 7, Suite 429

Vancouver, WA 98686



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